Thursday, November 8, 2012

regina x2 + unlock the 007 in you

this song has been one of my favorite for awhile. and the music video for it was just released this past june. and i am IN LOVE with it. it is so crazy and indie and random. maybe that's why i love it [and regina] oh, so much. even just the music is incredible, though.

this is regina's newest song, on her new album that just came out recently, "what we saw from the cheap seats" - if anyone wants to get this for me for christmas, i'm totally more than okay with that (; / BUT REALLY. this song is AMAZING, lyric-wise especially. and the music video is incredible, too. def worth checking out. seriously. i love this girl's voice!

and for this last one, i'm just going to post what is in the description for the vid:

Coke Zero challenged unsuspecting train passengers to unlock the 007 in them for their chance to win exclusive tickets for the new James Bond movie SKYFALL. However, the exclusive tickets weren't free. People had to go the extra mile and unlock their inner 007 in less than 70 seconds to win.

okay, basically SO. AWESOME. watch this, now. you will love it, guaranteed.

Friday, November 2, 2012

dustin + halloween + elections

even though he's not as cute as our little d, he somehow got famous for loving little d's favorite song. what!?  

 also, his gangham style dance is adorable.  

 also, ellen is hilarious. and my favorite.  

 also, election season is almost over. thank goodness, for abigael's sake!