Sunday, December 25, 2011

spreading christmas cheer?

i don't often like to brag about how awesome my job is but i did kind of a fun story today.

a father and daughter -- both born on christmas! what are the odds, right? check it out.

also, i've been watching this video with my coworkers a lot today (mostly because the tune is so darn catchy) and we can't quite figure out why the blonde girl is even in it --

does she make the video more interesting? yes. but she also confuses me. who is this girl?! and what is she doing? and is she stalking justin bieber?

...so many unanswered questions.

hope your christmas was full of awesome things <3 <3 <3

Mr. Musically Talented himself.

DK came up with this song when he was in the shower a couple weeks back and just wrote it all down and, I have to admit, it's one of the best Christmas songs I've ever heard. And this little video he made to go along with it has some cute pictures too. (: Way to go, DK!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


everything about this song just makes my heart happy:)


Monday, December 19, 2011

David Archuleta

This is adorable.
I love the crowd's reaction to his announcement!
...& his version of 'O Holy Night' isn't too bad either :)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

be warned: the dangers of auto-correct.

i already showed this to sarah, but this may be the most hilarious website i have looked at in a while. if your phone has ever auto-corrected you, you know exactly how funny / awkward it can be.

it's called, "damn you auto correct" and this link takes you to the top 25 funniest of the year.

here's one of my favorites.

jason -- "be warned. i'm dumping you when i get home tonight."
jenna -- "fine with me. i was just thinking we could use some time apart."
jason -- "WTF JENNA??? i got autocorrected. i meant to write jumping you not dumping you. and now you're telling me you want to break up?"
jenna -- "well this is awkward."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Allisa Berry

This is Allisa Berry

It is heartbreaking & inspirational.
She is a beautiful young LDS girl who lives in Hyrum, UT.
Right now she is at home with her family. Hospice is at her bedside to manage her pain.
A couple days before Thanksgiving of this year her family found out that her brain cancer had returned, & this time it was inoperable.

She has a Facebook page called Hope for Allisa with the latest update (8 hours ago) reading:

She's AWAKE!! oh, boy…what a ride this is. Allisa is home now and hospice has gotten her set up on an IV drip. Yesterday she wasn’t getting enough and was in some nasty pain so we had things adjusted and that totally doped her up…she wasn’t really conscious all day, despite her nephew sitting on her lap and slapping her in the face. Bob and I pulled the couches up on either side of her bed last night and laid by her. We watched her sleep and dozed here and there. About 5:00 this morning, her breathing became very shallow and many heart beats between breaths…we were expecting her to simply drift away, and then the sun came up and she opened up her eyes and had to go potty! :0) We don’t know how many days we will get to have her here, her time for going home is approaching very fast, but every moment we see those amazing blue eyes is a gift. How fitting to get a gift every day at Christmas time!

What they are going through is unfathomable, but their optimism is so uplifting.
While most people are out shopping for the season, this family is soaking in every second they have left with their Daughter/Sister/Friend.
It definitely gives you some perspective.
I know this family is absolutely being carried by the Lord right now, but saying a little prayer for them--& for all suffering, especially this time of year-- couldn't hurt.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Teddy Bear Toss

Annual Teddy Bear Toss.
When Calgary scores their first goal everyone starts throwing Teddy Bears onto the ice!
All the Teddy Bears go to local Hospitals & Charities.
26,919 is the record.
How cool is that?!?!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

love + cookies + sail + my bf bonus

i know. i've been bad and not posting on sunday's. 
to make up for it, here are a couple fun videos for your viewing pleasure.

first up, a video game love song ( :

next, an adorable cookie commercial.
(disclaimer: i would NEVER make cookies like. from scratch is the only way to go)

third, this song played on the radio and i found it strangely addictive.
not like anything i've ever heard before -- a little creepy and a little hypnotic.
let me know what you think?

merry christmas from my boy, jbiebs.
just love him sometimes?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mormon Disco Balls.

I had to.


Hey, I finally remembered to blog today!! I think the trick for me, just like with my other blog is planning in advance and just setting it to the schedule since weekends are usually too cra-cra for my blog-liking. Without further ado...

In Provo we had the Sweet Tooth Fairy.
Pleasant Grove... we still made the trek to Sweet Tooth Fairy.

And in Ohio we have tried about a half-dozen different cupcake places but nothing beats the Pink Moon Cupcakes. My favorite is the Red Velvet and Mr. D loved the caramel and chocolate but they have about 25 different flavors every day! Brilliant. Without really realizing it, we have become cupcake people... splitting cupcakes into half or fourths, discussing the taste and what could possibly make it taste so darn good.
Mr. D and I are all about small little boutiques, Ma and Pa places to eat, and the like. Who says nobody supports small businesses nowadays? Small businesses are the very best kinds of business!!

So tell me... have you been to a Ma and Pa place to eat recently? Any good eats out by your neck of the woods???

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Against The Grain.

Stop motion + so many colors + amazing music = the best kind of music video, yes?