Thursday, September 27, 2012


no one's posted here in awhile, myself included. so, now that the insanity of september is almost entirely behind us, here are some funny/awesome things i have come across in the past month (or so). enjoy (:

(ps, as always, click to make any of them bigger.)

i need to buy some of these:

this made me think of micaela (:

this next one is basically the story of my life: 

aaaaaaaand because everyone knows that the hunger games > everything else, here's a few specifically related to our favorite book/movie series. (:

SERIOUSLY. this was my entire thought process while watching thg for the first time a few months ago:


  1. Haha oh man those hunger games memes are my favorite!!! Can't wait till the next mOvie. Good post Sarah!!

  2. YOLO! hah. i miss the hunger games.

  3. hi-freakin-larious! i'm obsessed with all of these. LOVE LOVE DOUBLE LOVE the hunger games. and of course china--thank you for never forgetting my people.

    slash i am SO bummed that i am gonna be gone during the next movie(s) [and during les mis, but that's a whole different story]. basically i'm totally marathoning with you (sarah) when i get back......


    and i hope your fiancé is okay with losing you for a week (:

  4. i love all of you. and i love that i looked at all these and laughed at them all again. hahaha. AND YES MICAE. marathoning = a must. the end.