Sunday, May 29, 2011

how can i have some more of nothing?

we had a barbecue last night -- burgers, brats and stuff like that. we only had a charcoal grill but we still wanted to do s'mores so someone had the genius idea of putting a ready-made s'more on aluminum foil above the coals. basically it just burnt the bottoms. but eventually it worked out and we had yummy s'mores with these marshmallows that i'd never seen before in my life:
they were flat, which was kind of strange, but it worked for s'mores.

to me, s'mores means summer.

summer...and the sandlot ( :


  1. marshmallows MADE for s'mores?! where have those been all my life?!
    ps <3 sandlot.

  2. The second the clock strickes midnight I'm gonna go get me some flat mallows. GENIUS

  3. OMG Sandlot is probably the best movie ever made! And flat mallows? That's crazy! When you come to Utah we should probably have a BBQ up here in Bountiful. I'll even train Dakota not to steal your hot dog.

  4. also i like that the package says, "recipes on back!" as if you're going to make anything besides s'mores with those...hah.

  5. hahahaha i want to make other recipes too!