Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I ain't got nothin' but love babe, 8 days a week

(Note: OMG I totally meant to post this on MY blog. Ughhhh. So much work. Leaving it here. Sorry guys!)

The last 8 days have included: Collin coming to visit, Led Zeppelin Laser Light show, BYU baseball game, 4-wheeling, vay-cay to St. George, visiting my Great Great Grandpa's church owned home in Santa Clara, night out in Mesquite, meeting my lawyer & his family in Vegas, hanging out with Andrew's sister & her family, watching "Thor" at Redrock Casino, shopping at Fashion Place Mall on the Strip, eating at a fancy buffet in TI (Treasure Island), watching the Cirque show 'Mystique' from the FRONT ROW, & then supervising Andrew (win tons o' moolah) playing craps (came home up $1,200) at Planet Hollywood.

I wore my prosthetic to 95% of these activities. I pat myself on the back every night & pray not to give up the next day :) So far it's working. Even though my 'diet' totally went to crap, I think my (again) bruised up leg is testament to the exercise I got. I like to think it all equals out. Sadly out of all of these activities I only have a few pics from Vegas :( I really need a camera...not just a phone that takes what sometimes can pass off as a photo.

Ahhhhh, home.

New shoes & the infamous Latino foot. Yes, when people noticed they looked at me like, "????" Don't worry folks, white foot is on the way :)

In line to buy show tickets. Ms. Goldberg handing out pamphlets.

Andrew is NOT shy when it comes to a buffet.

Imitation crab rolls are about the only Sushi I can do. Yummm!

Having Cotton Candy OFFICIALLY made this the best buffet ever!

Notice the mini sprinkle donut. So freaking cute & delicious!

THIS was how close we were to the stage. No zoom, just crappy phone cam :(
Yes, that is a man's hamless chaps.

Totally random 'baby' riding giant snail.

After the show.

You know you're in Vegas when...(No, we didn't eat there mom.)

Farewell. If you look reaaally close you can see The Strip against the mountains.


  1. luckyyyy. i want cotton candy at my utah buffets :(

  2. oh my goshhhhhhhhhh YOUR POST TITLE IS MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE BEATLES SONG. and i love your latino foot (: now you can officially be adopted into our family! whoop whoop!!

  3. Ya know, I really thought there was nothing in Vegas for me. However, to have a place that advertises strippers that well. It must be full of fun. -Tara

  4. things i love:
    -cotton candy at buffets
    -your latino foot
    -andrew (sometimes)