Sunday, September 4, 2011

going to africa.

if you know me, you know i want to go to africa.

...a lot.

since i'm currently tied down to a landlocked midwestern state with no hopes of going anytime soon, i get to live vicariously through some people who do.

like evan --
evan is friends with one of my old BYU friends and i got to meet him for the first time IRL at the nickelcade in provo last month. he's just as cool in person as he is on the internet. he likes to travel and show people what's out there and i think it's pretty awesome. he has a bunch of other videos online so if you want to check them out, click here. he also made a really great video about the festival of colors that i think i posted here a while back. overall cool guy.

anyways. miss you all. xoxo.

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