Sunday, September 18, 2011

i can feel you looking at my butt.

okay. how did i miss seeing this video in july??

dear justin.
if you are reading this, i love you.
xox from anna. 


  1. haha omg. the track shots are my favorite... and the part where he says lets hit the showers. makes me wish i played volleyball with him!!! luckyyyys. love it love it.

  2. Justin <3 story of Velveteen Rabbit.
    Anna <3 Rabbits and making news stories.
    Anna + Justin = <3 and lots of stories and rabbits together 4ever.


  3. hahahah i love this.
    i think when sarah goes on her mish she'll probably convert him.
    then obviously the next step will be the wedding.
    anna timberlake = perfection.

  4. ANNA TIMBERLAKE i seriously cannot even believe how amazing that sounds. DONE.

  5. OMG this is awesome! I think that we all need to get cracking on this Anna Timberlake plan. He'd make a great Mormon... and they'd make cute baby bunnies.