Friday, November 25, 2011

Laughing With.

I just updated about this on my own blog, but I forgot to post yesterday so I figure I'll just use this as my post here, too. (:

I completed two of my Day Zero Project goals simultaneously a week ago at my Ward Talent Show - #'s 63 (Learn to play a new song on the piano + sing along!) and 64 (Perform a solo in public). And this is the end result:

I'm no Emily, I know. But it's a start. (:


  1. Oh, stop! You are amazing. You said you were nervous (on your blog) but you can't tell at all! When I get nervous my voice shakes, but yours sounds like an angel :) AND you didn't mess up? On your first time singing/playing live?! You are a rock star.

  2. OMG! how did you not mention this when we were skype-ing?! so proud. YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME.