Monday, November 21, 2011

little d's Glenns

Its no secret that I have the most awesome friend there is to have in Ohio... LG!
We pretty much do everything together. Especially if it involves trouble.

also... some of you may know LG's mom and dad, Keely and Brandon and how cute they are... well, they made a movie and it is also totally awesome. Like you would not believe.
Its the post right below this one... go watch it!! NOW!


  1. hahahhaha i love little d's dancer prancer feet. (: he moves so quick!! also... maybe you two should hydrate your boys more often. with all the running you do they clearly aren't getting enough fluids!!

  2. umm...isn't that bubble solution they're drinking??

    anyway, i love that they are the same size and shape. so adorable sometimes!