Sunday, July 29, 2012

a whole new level of awesome.

obviously i'm talking about the olympics.
i'm sure you've seen this by now --
but maybe you haven't seen this -- 
and let's please not forget my all-time favorite olympic moment -- 
what's your favorite thing about the olympics?

it must be awesome to look around you and think, 
wow. i'm way faster / stronger / better than 
everyone in the entire world. 
wonder what that's like...

bonus video --
did you know u.s. gymnast john orozco is featured on this music video?
his story is truly inspiring.
from the bronx to helping his family pay rent to a torn achilles tendon to the olympics.


  1. ok add that first video to one of dustins new favorites. olympics and "tall maybe?" JUST LOVE!!!

  2. I can't even tell you how many times I've watched that Kerri Strug vault throughout the years...and weeks, and days & hours. I was OBSESSED with the Olympics that year, as a little kiddo. I was actually just watching a documentary on the Mag 7, & then one on Dominique Moceanu after that. Such a cool sport. How talented some of us humans are.

  3. To add to my last comment, while watching this years girls gymnastics all around, I literally screamed in terror in the middle of Wing Nutz when it looked like Aly was going to fall off the balance beam. I had a lot of stare downs haha... I don't care though I LOVE THE GYMNASTIC OLYMPICS... & just the Olympics in general. Although, watching anyone lose hard to watch. I can't stand to see their distraught faces. I cried with Jordyn when she didn't make all around. So heartbreaking to work so hard your entire life for that one moment, & some stupid rule change shatters it for you. AND Watching the Russian gymnasts bawling...ugh, I just couldn't imagine the heartbreak. I adore Gabby though & am SO happy for her & the team!
    OK, I'm done now.

  4. eeeeek LOVE THE OLYMPICS. and all those vids!! that last one made me want to cry. so amazing!!