Monday, July 30, 2012

this is crazy, so here's his "flip", a swim, a celebration, and a kevs

Don't watch them all maybe. Do it now!! Especially the mini golf celebration (second to last) and the last one with kevin.. the most patient cat on the planet. Actually, watch all of them. Do it even if its not my day to post :)


  1. Holy cow, he is so cute, but that mini golf video?!? HAHAHAHAHA I have literally watched that about 20x in the last half hour. What a stud!

  2. mini golf!! also kevin loves baby d. ALSO please sign that kid up for gymnastics.

    ...and harvard baseball ( :

  3. okay literally LOVE that mini golf vid. seriously my favorite. and yes, gymnastics!!! he would be AMAZING. meaning he already is. the end. (: