Sunday, July 31, 2011

justin, joel and andy...oh my.

i'm dying to see THIS MOVIE:

this one looks dumb, but joel mchale's in it so it can't be that bad:

and if you didn't know shark week started today...well, it did.

there was this film contest where you could only use six lines of dialogue.
"what is that?"
"it's a unicorn."
"never seen one up close before."
"get away, get away."
"i'm sorry."
this video won.
love love love it.
happy videos ( :


  1. LOVE these videos. okay except the spykids one. i would rather watch a full days marathon of soup than that video to get my JMH fix :) but that JT movie... droolworthy. awesome. is it fall yet????

  2. Oh my GOSH. I almost cried watching that last one...amazing. JT movie looks stellar too!! What a neat idea (: lovelovelove. + Cillian Murphy in movies makes me so so happy. eeeeeeeek!

  3. CILLIAN MURPHY! and JT of course. And Amanda. I'll see anything with those three in it...even if it is about green watch life time bandits?

    and the Unicorn one was adorable & awful. Awful in a good way.