Sunday, July 3, 2011

red, white and boom.

i missed my ohio fourth of july celebration in person this year but managed to sneak the video into my 10PM newscast tonight. just love red, white and boom sometimes!
(if for some reason you can't see the video, click here and look for the clip titled: in case you were inside -- some fireworks)

also, in case you're doubting how awesome america is, i found a list of 100 great things about our amazing country. a few favorites: #9 - whole foods. #26 - ben & jerry's. #28: self-stick stamps. #38 - "american pie," by don mclean. #54: sandusky, ohio. #61: diet coke. #72: the kardashians.

what's your favorite? i have some guesses...mostly for mrs. d (#50?) and surrah (#47?)

happy bday, america. you continue to be awesome.


  1. um yes. love tom.

    also.. graeters. #101.
    and baby d :)

  2. umm GLEE <3.
    and i agree... why wasn't graeter's added??
    that thing about mark zuckerburg is interesting though haha. killing his own food?? weird.

    <3 america.