Saturday, July 23, 2011

mmm fro yo

If you haven't discovered the heaven that is Yogurtland (or any other "DIY as much froyo and toppings in your cup as you can and pay by the ounce"), you NEED to try it out. Seriously, whoever thought of this deserves some kind of Nobel Prize. I must admit that by now I have mastered the froyo:toppings ratio. Can you guess which one mine is??
Yup, bottom right. 
Just be prepared that some people are going to want to share with you...
 And they may be a little demanding.


  1. hah love the pic. adding it to the list of things we need to do when i visit!

  2. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO YOGURTLAND. is this even possible?? ditto to what anna said. except i will get there after her. boo. miss you both </3 + little d.