Sunday, June 19, 2011

the golden rule.

yesterday, i tried to go to a baseball game with these guys:
instead, we got rained out / flash flooded (yikes!) and everything kind of went crazy after that.

luckily, we all made it out safely and we had a fun time (i'll explain more here later this week). maybe the best part was when jayson (on the left) told me to sit between him and bryon (on the right) so they wouldn't look like they were "together." luckily, bryon and i knew of a song that captured the moment perfectly...


  1. lol i LOVE that digital short... so. you're gaga huh??? lol AWESOME!!

  2. hahahha just <3 jt + as. and gaga, too, i guess.


  3. You guys are still here :) Love her & him & him.