Thursday, June 16, 2011

so. much. talent.

my favorite summer show is america's got talent.
so you can fully expect my posts here each week to be amazing and agt-related in some way, shape, or form.

here are my faves [aka the best acts, obviously] from the first two weeks! i am still a week behind, but i need to save some for next week, right? (:

[ps these are in no particular order]

first off, some stellar impressions:

and then some ILuminating:

followed by some african-crazy tumbling:

and we can't forget some hiding behind the scenes:

top that off with a bit of Echo-ing:

and a dab of death-defying russian stunts:

and then just a personal favorite. (: she is the definition of "totes adorbs":

see?? told you i wouldn't disappoint.


  1. i love this!
    i literally watched one and thought "oh def my fav!" then i'd watch another and think the same thing.

  2. I loved the Silouette dance. Awesome.
    Bieber girl reminds me SO MUCH of Ellen Page. She IS adorable.
    And the impressionist freaking NAILED Kathy Griffin!

    Second what Micaela said. PEOPLE ARE AWESOME

  3. love the illuminating one and silhouettes bcs i'm such a lighting nerd.

    the african and russian ones were cool...but AMERICAN? hmm...