Sunday, June 26, 2011

there were more verses?

i was hiking around rib mountain with sean a few weeks ago when i found myself singing.

this is strange for a few reasons, mostly because i don't really sing (usually he does). but also strange -- i hadn't heard / sang the song in years and for whatever reason, it was all i could think about.
i guess being in the middle of the woods will do that to you.

to me, spider's web song = girls camp.


  1. lol good thing i;ll be in girls camp all week... boo.

    and yes that song is in our songbook. duh.

  2. to me, girl's camp with the worthington g's > this version. + our harmonies/rounds of singing. but just love anyway!

  3. duh surrah -- i just couldn't find another (better) one. mrs d -- you guys need to record it so we can use it instead ( :