Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Okay,  so I've skipped a few weeks.  I feel pretty bad about it.  But... I've been working on some awesome projects that can be posted on here.  Sadly, I haven't uploaded the pictures of them to my computer yet, but I will do it during my morning off tomorrow.  I would do it tonight... but I'm working on one of those awesome projects as a birthday present for my sister Maggie.

So the try me this week?  Try reupholstering something.  In the past I mentioned following tutorials and making carseat canopies and piddle pads.  Well, this time I took it a step further.  I found the same kind of carseat that my sister-in-law owned (for free) on KSL.  It was expired, but it didn't matter because all I needed was the padding.  Using the instructions I found on this amazing blog, I took apart the fabric and used it to make my own pattern for a new cover.  I got some really cute fabric at Mormon Handicraft.  The middle part looks like this and the edges look like this.  I'll add the real shots tomorrow.
This is what the carseat looked like originally.  Sage with Winnie the Pooh.
This is what it looked like when I seam ripped the whole thing apart.

This is what the canopy looked like all seam ripped.
Look forward to the completed pictures tomorrow...
And here they are.

This is a picture showcasing the redone canopy. 
Here is the whole seat redone.  It took a whole day of sewing, but it was totally worth it.


  1. my question is how a carseat can 'expire'... hahaha but this looks great rach!! i can't wait to see the final product (:

  2. The plastic becomes oxidized after exposure to extreme temperatures, like winter cold and summer hot inside a car. That makes the plastic brittle and in a car accident the seat can just crack from the impact rather than protecting the child. I know a lot of people think the expiration dates are hooey, but I'd rather err on the side of caution.

    ... I know, silly long answer... but you did say it was a question after all.

  3. Question... There are free tutorials all over the web. Do you think buying her tutorial is better/ worth it? It's only $3.99 right now (not sure if that's the regular price or cheaper than normal). I'll be recovering carseats for the twins once we find out gender, so I'm curious. (Really, only one seat needs to be re-covered, but it might look funny to have one custom, one regular...we'll see what I decide after doing the first one!) ;-)

    You did a great job! Very cute!!

    Nicole (for some reason my Google account isn't working for comments on your blog. Ugh. So unpredictable!)

  4. THIS IS SO COOL. baby time yet?