Sunday, October 2, 2011

red light on hope street.

umm...this is adorable.
even though it says not to let love pass you by, i think anything goes.
don't let life pass you by -- whatever you want, just go for it.

also, whoever updated the background -- LOVE IT ( :


  1. Awww. cuteeeee. <3 random vids like this.

    andddd...the Nightmare banner is just for you, Anna :)

  2. nice work, em. can you redo my blog???

    love this video. great work, anna!! where do you find these things? drew thought it was going to be a car commercial...

  3. umm...i love that the "red light" is yellow. hahha. did no one else notice that??

    and I LOVE THIS. seriously, where DO you find this stuff? pricelessssss. (: