Sunday, October 30, 2011

the wausau loner.

when i first started telling people i was going to wausau to be a reporter, few people knew where that even was. but one of my friends had heard a lot about the city because of a particular twitter account he followed -- the wausau loner.

as the story goes, two years ago, there was a zombie apocalypse in wausau. 99% of the population died, leaving behind a trail of undead bodies and not many clues as to how everything started unravelling -- save the memories of a green flash of light and the remnants of their crumbling civilization. now in 2011, the wausau loner and his crew continue their quest to take on the zombies and avenge their nearly-lost society. 

...awesome, right?

well, i found out the guy who did the tweets lived around here and arranged to do a halloween story with him this week. i interviewed him about why he started doing these serial tweets (it's like a book, told 140 characters at a time) and how the past few years have been for him. it was an interesting story -- you can watch it by clicking here.

anyway, while i was working on the story, the author asked me what i was doing two years ago. i told him i was in school, working on my journalism degree. i was delighted to find out he wrote me into the story over the past few days -- as anna, the WAOW intern who captured video on a flip camera as zombies started taking over the north-central wisconsin area. COOL!!
so although i'm still far from famous, my legacy will live on via twitter's zombie apocalypse.


  1. HAHA this is awesome!! love it love it love it. <3 zombies