Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upgrading your Bed

For the last couple weeks I've been waking up with a sore neck.  I thought maybe it was the stress of work or maybe the position in which I was sleeping.  I have a tendency to sprawl across the whole bed.  I like my head leaning over the edge on my side and my feet almost all the way on Jon's side of the bed.  Jon's solution for the problem?  Get a bigger bed.  If I could sprawl how I wanted I wouldn't wake up hurting.

Getting a bigger bed isn't really an option in a house that was built in 1957.  The rooms are designed for full sized beds as it is.  Also, a new bed is expensive and not something in our budget.  So, no new bed?  What was the solution that you should try?  A brand spanking new pillow!!!  I got one at Ross for $9.99.  It's the most firm pillow I have ever owned.  I totally sleep like a baby and wake up with no sore neck and no crankasaurus rex problems now.  Well, no crankasaurus rex problems as long as Jon hasn't stolen all of the covers.

And since we all love pictures, here are some older pictures that fit with this Try-me Tuesday.

Koda wanted to upgrade his bed.  So, he figured out a great way to get his wish.  Destroy the other one.  Yes, that green thing is his blankie and if you were wondering if he pulls it around the house with him, the answer is yes as well.  He's like the dog version of Linus.

Koda with his upgraded bed.  The head at the bottom of the picture is his stuffed pheasant who he can't sleep without.

And just so Star doesn't feel left out.  Our new pillows are so wonderful that her snuggles don't even wake us up anymore... or they don't wake me up at least.
So... try it.  A new pillow or a new bed.


  1. 1) that picture of koda is just adorable.. i love koda-linus.
    2) those pillows look heavenly. I think when we get a home I want some new pillows asap. nothing to make a good night sleep like a big fluffy pillow.
    3) love that star fits right there on jons side. your pets are freaking the cutest!! glad to see you back in the blogworld.

  2. hah i love that koda's like linus. reminds me of surrah ( :

    and LOVE the pillow idea. i still maintain that my bed is one of the top best investments of my life (along with my car, iphone and macbook). comfy bed + awesome pillows = good night's sleep!

  3. Third to love that Koda drags his blanky around. Just totally adorable

  4. i LOVE comfy pillows, i agree 110%!! and yes, your pets are PERFECT. i can't wait to have some of my own!!! <3 koda + i are twins <3