Sunday, December 18, 2011

be warned: the dangers of auto-correct.

i already showed this to sarah, but this may be the most hilarious website i have looked at in a while. if your phone has ever auto-corrected you, you know exactly how funny / awkward it can be.

it's called, "damn you auto correct" and this link takes you to the top 25 funniest of the year.

here's one of my favorites.

jason -- "be warned. i'm dumping you when i get home tonight."
jenna -- "fine with me. i was just thinking we could use some time apart."
jason -- "WTF JENNA??? i got autocorrected. i meant to write jumping you not dumping you. and now you're telling me you want to break up?"
jenna -- "well this is awkward."


  1. Haha...wouldn't jumping her be worse than dumping her?

  2. hahahahah I WAS LOOKING AT THIS SITE LIKE A WEEK AGO! and i basically died laughing at the SAME auto correct:) aka: we are the same person!

  3. MOTTSAPPLESAUCE. so pricey these days...