Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hey, I finally remembered to blog today!! I think the trick for me, just like with my other blog is planning in advance and just setting it to the schedule since weekends are usually too cra-cra for my blog-liking. Without further ado...

In Provo we had the Sweet Tooth Fairy.
Pleasant Grove... we still made the trek to Sweet Tooth Fairy.

And in Ohio we have tried about a half-dozen different cupcake places but nothing beats the Pink Moon Cupcakes. My favorite is the Red Velvet and Mr. D loved the caramel and chocolate but they have about 25 different flavors every day! Brilliant. Without really realizing it, we have become cupcake people... splitting cupcakes into half or fourths, discussing the taste and what could possibly make it taste so darn good.
Mr. D and I are all about small little boutiques, Ma and Pa places to eat, and the like. Who says nobody supports small businesses nowadays? Small businesses are the very best kinds of business!!

So tell me... have you been to a Ma and Pa place to eat recently? Any good eats out by your neck of the woods???


  1. a cupcake sounds AMAZING now.
    speaking of...
    ^^this girl is in my music class and she LOVES cupcakes and blogging. just like you:)

  2. oh my goodness. please take me there when i come to ohio. we have sweet lola's cupcakery and it is so retro 1950's. i love it.


  3. My friend just opened a Bistro called "Cravings" in American Fork! Her & her sister had a cupcake business for a while & now she opened a restaurant. Pretty much Cupcakes & Grilled Cheese which is the perfect place for me :)