Sunday, December 4, 2011

love + cookies + sail + my bf bonus

i know. i've been bad and not posting on sunday's. 
to make up for it, here are a couple fun videos for your viewing pleasure.

first up, a video game love song ( :

next, an adorable cookie commercial.
(disclaimer: i would NEVER make cookies like. from scratch is the only way to go)

third, this song played on the radio and i found it strangely addictive.
not like anything i've ever heard before -- a little creepy and a little hypnotic.
let me know what you think?

merry christmas from my boy, jbiebs.
just love him sometimes?


  1. i've totally heard sail before and i just realized where... that yoga dude in a previous post danced to it. I'M OBSESSED!
    all of these vids are PERFECT:)