Monday, December 12, 2011

Allisa Berry

This is Allisa Berry

It is heartbreaking & inspirational.
She is a beautiful young LDS girl who lives in Hyrum, UT.
Right now she is at home with her family. Hospice is at her bedside to manage her pain.
A couple days before Thanksgiving of this year her family found out that her brain cancer had returned, & this time it was inoperable.

She has a Facebook page called Hope for Allisa with the latest update (8 hours ago) reading:

She's AWAKE!! oh, boy…what a ride this is. Allisa is home now and hospice has gotten her set up on an IV drip. Yesterday she wasn’t getting enough and was in some nasty pain so we had things adjusted and that totally doped her up…she wasn’t really conscious all day, despite her nephew sitting on her lap and slapping her in the face. Bob and I pulled the couches up on either side of her bed last night and laid by her. We watched her sleep and dozed here and there. About 5:00 this morning, her breathing became very shallow and many heart beats between breaths…we were expecting her to simply drift away, and then the sun came up and she opened up her eyes and had to go potty! :0) We don’t know how many days we will get to have her here, her time for going home is approaching very fast, but every moment we see those amazing blue eyes is a gift. How fitting to get a gift every day at Christmas time!

What they are going through is unfathomable, but their optimism is so uplifting.
While most people are out shopping for the season, this family is soaking in every second they have left with their Daughter/Sister/Friend.
It definitely gives you some perspective.
I know this family is absolutely being carried by the Lord right now, but saying a little prayer for them--& for all suffering, especially this time of year-- couldn't hurt.


  1. What a hard thing to go through and during the holidays as well. We'll be praying for her family.

  2. Great Picture You were a Great Friend

  3. My name is Brady Schaefermeyer, I am 19 years old..I am leaving on an LDS mission in one day. I am the boy in that picture. Allisa was and is still the love of my life, her and I always thought we would be married. I met Allisa when she was dealing with the trials of her first tumor....after that, we were joined at the hip. We were together for three amazing years...I was with her from tumor to tumor...I love her more than anything....I would do anything to have her back. But I know she is on her mission where she is supposed to be and I will be on mine. Allisa taught me so much...and still teaches me today.