Monday, January 16, 2012

'EB'ing a Mommy

Came across this blog today called 'EB'ing a mommy
It was heartbreaking to go through.
EB is a disease that doesn't allow your skin layers to anchor together,
so every tiny bump or touch leads to massive blisters.
In the most severe of cases, it turned this darling little boy named Tripp from this

to this

Babies usually don't live past 2 years with the type of EB Tripp had.
He needed a Trach for breathing, his eyelids eventually fused shut even with surgery, & every day was torturous pain for him. He was 2 years old & 8 months when he passed away in his mommy's arms the other day. Again...& I cannot stress it enough...when there is something I am struggling with that feels like the worlds end, I think about the ones who are dealing daily with something like this. If they can do it, I can. Both mother, & child.
Rest peacefully dear Tripp!

This video of him drumming to a song Elmo made just for him is too cute.


  1. oh my goodness i just love that video and i made daniel watch it too. what a sweet story and what a sweet baby!!!!

  2. oh my goodness. breaks my heart.

  3. oh my goodnesssss i just spent forever+ a day reading that blog...so so sad. so moving and it really does make you think. what a beautiful and talented boy.