Sunday, January 29, 2012

mickey and his musical friends.

maybe i've been channeling my inner dustbuster, but i've been learning some stuff about his favorite mouse lately. i found this article that had some surprising facts about the fab five (mickey, minnie, donald, goofy and pluto) and it was really interesting.
a few of my favorites? 

* walt disney was the original voice for mickey AND minnie. 
* donald is the 5th most frequently published comic book character 
IN THE WORLD (after batman, superman, spider-man and wolverine). 
*goofy is the only one of the "fab five" to have children (he has max). 
* pluto is the only animal that actually acts like an animal. 

in honor of the main mouse himself, here's the video from his cartoon debut. it's not in color like he is now, but maybe baby D will still like it a little bit ( :


  1. Ooh he will as soon as he wakes up tomorrow :) awesome!!!! Love the facts!!

  2. love it!! you are so smart (: