Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Biggest Loser

So... The Biggest Loser is on Netflix & I am just now becoming obsessed with it, haha (It took a while, but I got there, Ruth :) Anywayyyyy, I love Bob. And after this...

I became wildly attracted to him. I don't know why it took him crazy-face screaming at this woman for me to realize how hot he is, but I WANT HIM. My favorite part about watching it (besides Bob...& Jillian for that matter) is it makes me work out with them :) I've lost 5 LBS in 3 weeks & I'm looking for 15 more. If THEY can do, this should be cake for me!


  1. good work, em!!! yeah joelle was my least fav contestant of all time but that rant was hysterical!!! love you~~

  2. I want to start watching thissssss! Make more time in the world please (:

  3. omg. i want to work out with bob so bad.