Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hand-to-hand Combat

Our professor told us that he rarely gives out 100/100 on this test...but that we would have gotten one, if not for one little thing: my partner accidentally elbowed me in the chin at one point, which made my mouth/teeth/lips into a bloody mess by the end. So he had to take off two points, since "those are the rules." At least it was realistic though, right??

PS Don't worry - - you can't see any blood on the video. And I'm perfectly fine now, promise. Just love being a Theatre Ed major and taking fun classes like Stage Combat...I know you're jealous. (;

PSS - The fun thing about stage combat (and learning how to do it correctly) is that no one gets hurt...even if we do make contact on some of the punches/kicks/etc. That's what makes it so fun to watch - it may look realistic, but no one ever actually gets hurt (at least not intentionally!). Also, the commentary you hear is from my professor and TA... enjoy!


  1. OMG!! that first punch was ridic. the rest was pretty awesome too. glad you're having so much fun in your class!