Sunday, February 19, 2012

dancing to your favorite color.

umm, please tell me you've seen ellen's new segment -- 
she has had some newer ones, but that one is definitely my favorite.
what an awesome idea, right? DO IT. I DARE YOU.
fox nfl sunday's michael strahan did.
my new favorite song to dance to?
love it. 
and for your viewing pleasure (briane, this means you),
here's my sister's awesome giant german pancake.

1 comment:

  1. Listening to the Tokyo Police Club song while I contemplate that German pancake. And trying to think what direction to take this comment. Compare the pancake to Germany in WWI? Too soon. Mention Otto Von Bismarck? Not sure who he was, exactly, although I like the name. Maybe make a pun on the word pancake? Too much work.

    That is one phenomenal pancake, though. I looked at it this morning waiting for a hearing to start, and I'm back at my office thinking I should make it my desktop background, because it is truly awe-inspiring. I know that sounds saracastic but it totally isn't.

    Also: I want to do the dance dare. But I think the awesome people who run this blog ought to do one first and post them.