Sunday, February 12, 2012

grammy highlights?

apparently adele won a zillion grammy's and jennifer hudson sung in honor of whitney houston. don't get me wrong, both were great. i saw adele in concert in park city during my byu days (BEFORE she got crazy famous, alright, people?) and i am just as big of a whitney fan as everyone else has suddenly become in the past 24 hours (no disrespect intended -- i really do like her music). but i still have to say the highlight of my evening was my superstar boyfriend singing beach boys songs. LOVE HIM.
what did you love?


  1. Highlight of my weekend. Omgggggg he's sooooo attractive

  2. Definitely Nicki Minajs' exorcism, hahaha

    Ok, maybe not that. Adam Levine FTW!

  3. AL + BB = <3

    Even though Paul McCartney > ALL. Sorry (: