Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Having a Fur Baby

Sorry this is going up a day late.  With managing the store while my boss is out of town and driving down to P-Town for some fun time with the girls I didn't get around to this until this morning.

My challenge for this week is to get a fur baby.  It could be a hamster or a mouse, or any animal really, but from my experience they are great companions.  So, without further ado, I present, my fur babies.
This is how Star really feels about my blogging.

Star's favorite lookout position in the house.

Our new puppy!  It was just born Tuesday morning and we'll be picking it out in the next couple weeks.
Aren't they so cute?!?!


  1. a puppy!??!?!! whaaaaaaaaaaat? congrats!!!

  2. I WANT A FURRY BABY SO BAD. as soon as i can afford to have a kitty i am getting one of my own (((:

  3. umm how does she not fall in that crack between the window and the chair?

  4. Her feet are firmly planted on the arm of the couch. Plus, she still has her claws. She is a very long kitty. That's only one of her favorite positions though, the other one is completely stretched out on the top of that chair staring out the window.