Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of these days...

Remember when I said one of these days I'd remember to actually post on Monday? Yeah, I'm still working on that mantra. Once again, I haven't gone to bed yet so it is technically STILL MONDAY.

Also I may need to change my day to Musical Monday, because I realized that's my trend. Like today, 4 songs that I am OBSESSED with right now (Really 5 songs-but I'm not posting "Dog Days are over" because I know you all know it already) They are all completely different & non mainstream, but there's a good chance you've heard some/all of them.

Hopefully you will find at least one of these songs new & enjoyable :)

'The Golden Age' by "The Asteroids Galaxy Tour"
Her voice is freakin adorable! Love

'One Day' by "Matisyahu"
A Jew that sings Reggae Hiphop Rock. LOVE him and this song.

'Rolling in the Deep' by "Adele"
Her voice is to die for & her song writing skills are incredible. She is currently breaking records that Madonna set :)

And last but NOT least

'The Cave' by "Mumford & Sons"
WOW!!! I first saw these guys perform at The Grammy's. To die for. AMAZING live performers. Marcus Mumford (the lead singer) is a total sweetheart &, not to mention, GORGEOUS. Love this song, OBSESSED with this band. (& literally as I typed this, their song played on TV!!! YAY!!!) Another one of their songs I recommend that is way more popular is 'Little Lion Man'

That is all. Now I will listen to these repeatedly until my surgery in 6 hours :)


  1. obsessed with adele + that new music vid. I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO POST IT ON MY DAY but i'm glad you did!! it's fantastic. and so are you.
    good luck!! hope it went well (:

  2. Em, you are so up on the latest music. I'm loving your musical Mondays. They keep me filled in on what's new from someone other than the MoTab.