Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weird Old Mini-series

This weekend with all of the wonderful snow Jon and I decided to stay in and find some new shows to watch on Netflix.  We had run out of episodes of Burn Notice you see, and therefore needed something to fill our TV time.

Enter, The Stand, by Stephen King.  I could not recall ever seeing it before, but Jon remembered the opening shot and was very excited to watch all four of the hour and a half long episodes.  Half way through the first one I did remember the series.  Not only the series, but the nightmares I had of Abigail singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus.

So I'm not saying that I recommend watching The Stand this week, but rather recommend going on Netflix and finding some awesome 90's mini-series you watched as a kid.

And just to show that I have good taste in mini-series also, check out this one.  Taken, by Steven Spielberg.  It wasn't from the 90s but it is probably my favorite mini-series of all time.


  1. I love Netflix. I love Netflix! hey hey. Today

    Have you ever seen Pillars of the Earth?
    Band of Brothers?
    Dr. Horrible's Sing along blog?

    Great MiniSeries!

  2. i've seen dr. horrible. i heard they're making a play out of it.

    also i wish i had more time to do this. i'll try this weekend when i (hopefully) don't have to work...