Saturday, April 2, 2011

swiss chard experiment??

So I've had this Swiss Chard sitting in my fridge for the last two weeks with an idea of what I wanted to do with it, but because we were at the end of the month (and at the budget limit), I couldn't get the little extras I needed to go along with it.

Today we did the grocery shopping, and I got mozerella cheese, balsamic vinegar and a lemon to add to my SC. I added all my new ingredients (since I had skimmed over different recipes, and those three things seemed to be the reoccurring ingredients) into the skillet that already had the Swiss Chard and cooked it under low heat (with lid) for a few minute until it started to look like cooked spinach.
Add some tomatoes and tuna on a tortilla and viola!
Yum food.
This week, go and try a new food... and like Anna always does, 
try going without a recipe and winging it :)

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  1. i have zero idea what swiss chard is... but it looks DELICIOUS. yumm nice job (: