Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babies Everywhere?

So, apparently everyone wants me to write a post about babies.  Or that's the vibe I am getting from the comments on my post and Anna's most recent post.

Since I do not have a baby of my own to post about, I will post these two pictures of my newest niece and nephew so that we can all bask in their cuteness.  I hope that you enjoy.  I know I think they are pretty dang adorable.
This is Claire.  She is just over two weeks old now.  Don't you love her hair?

This is James.  He was born the week of Thanksgiving.  He is one of the most calm babies I have ever met.
I don't think there is really a try me in this post, cause I know that even if I tried I could not be as cute as either of these munchkins.  So... I will continue the post with my photos that I really planned on sharing.

When we visited family in California a few weeks ago my mother-in-law gave us a bed-in-a-bag set to use for our guest bedroom.  When Jon and I got home and looked at all 24 pieces, we decided that it would look better in our bedroom since it had four curtains and the guest bedroom only has one window.  So... I got to redecorating the two rooms and went a little overboard.  We'll have to take everything down once we paint these rooms, but it feels nice to have everything just where I want it for now.

Guest bed with our old bedding and the shelves I got at BB&B for $4.  On sale for $9 had $5 off coupon.

Close up of the shelves with my Willow Tree figurines.  The picture up top is painted by Sandra Rast and is actually signed.  It's my favorite picture ever.

Curtains in the guest room.

Moved a bookshelf from the office into the guest room.

Awesome new bedding set.  It will look even better when we paint the walls the light blue color we had already picked out.
Other window in the master bedroom.  We finally have full curtains in there!
A shot of the crown molding and fish tank.  I have since switched out a lot of those pictures.
My very little Easter decorating.  We haven't painted the crown molding yet, hence the spots.
And, last but definitely not least, blinds for the front room window!!!  Yay.  Now the room looks complete.
Real try me for the week.... Try enjoying your space.  Loving the little things.  I love that I have a place for my Willow Tree and favorite painting to live now.  I love that I can come home to a place that I really feel is home.   Oh, and try loving pictures of adorable babies, because really, there are babies everywhere right now.


  1. hahah yaaaaay just love those babies everywhere!! awesome post my dear!!

  2. babies everywhere ( :

    also your house looks adorable! you're quite the decorator.