Sunday, March 27, 2011

must. buy. skittles.

i've done a lot of impulse shopping this week.
well...i've done it twice. for me, that's more than usual.

the first time was on tuesday -- on my way to the upper peninsula of michigan (for a story) with my friend / photographer, jack. we stopped at a gas station and i bought two packages of skittles
(wild berry and crazy core -- both delicious) and a bag of cheetos.

then yesterday i went to the store to buy milk and face wash.
here's what i bought instead:
in my defense, they were on sale (less than $2 each!)
and they are WAY healthier than my previous impulse buy.

there should be a moral to this story, but there's not.
except for maybe, "impulse shopping is fun."


  1. Impulse buys are sometimes the best buys. Like skittles? Who doesn't love skittles? I'm glad you had a fun time for the few minutes you were in MI. I wish I could have been there too.
    P.S. Your comment on Tuesday made me laugh. Jon just shook his head when he read it though.

  2. i LOVE impulse buys.

    must be a carrera girl thing.

    and i had to look at what you posted on rachaels day... RACH I WANT PICS OF BABIES TOO. :)

    seriously. less than 2$??? what a steal. lcukyyy

  3. fact. everything sarah buys is on impulse. if DEFINITELY runs in the family. i think its a great way to shop!! unless you're buying a car, yes?
    love you<3

  4. i totally looked back on rachel's post to see anna's comment, too. BABIES EVERYWHEREEEEEEe please.

    and i TOTALLY impulse buy ALL THE TIME. it's definitely a disease. i mean it runs in the family.