Friday, March 25, 2011

dinner for one, please

Even though I am married with baby, I have found more often than not I am dining solo. The Mr is usually working nights, and trying to eat anything other than something that is in bar form while feeding a Baby is pretty much impossible. But then I got to thinking, most people I know eat dinner solo. Or at least make it for just one person. And since we don't have a microwave right now (long story) everything I make takes a little more time and I am usually aiming not to have leftovers.

So, instead of opting for cereal or not eating at all (did I mention I usually get dinner after I put Baby D to bed, so it is usually within 30 minutes of when I fall asleep!), this week I really made the effort to try something new and easy. If I think about a salad, it honestly does not sound appetizing at all... but as soon as I get out some lettuce and start throwing in a few of my favorite things, my mouth starts watering and I can't wait to eat dinner (while catching up on episodes of Teen Mom 2, of course!). In my salad: tomato, cheese, egg, and my favorite...bacon! And maybe we were out of ranch so I had to use poppyseed dressing... I also steamed some asparagus with a dash of sea salt (LOVE that stuff!) but ate more than half the asparagus while cooking the bacon. Add in some melon and two waffles with PB (not pictured, since I ate them too fast) and you have a heavenly meal! Its amazing what you will be willing to eat when you cannot get out of the house and must make do with using up what you have in the house :)
 Also.... this is the reason why I need a microwave to cook my bacon. I get so distracted eating asparagus that I forget about the bacon (!!) and then this happens :( good thing I had extra bacon to make another batch or I would have been REALLY bummed!
My poor poor bacon. Not even the Kevs would go near it.

So this week, even if you are only cooking for one, try to think of some new food combination (with lots of color!) to incorporate into your dinner.

Or at least have something other than cereal for dinner one night this week :)

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  1. yeesh...burny bacon. the rest looks delicious though!