Sunday, March 13, 2011

making waves.

what a crazy weekend on the other side of the world.
an earthquake struck japan early friday morning (and i watched it all unfold on CNN when i woke up at 3 AM that day) and a series of tsunamis and giant waves followed.
some dead, many injured and many more losing homes and precious memories.

to me, it's simultaneously incredible and tragic that we can watch things like this from the safety of our own homes. more than 6.6 million people have watched this video in the past 72 hours:

in other news, nelly and kelly rowland have another song that should be hitting radio waves soon. the video is on a beach and it makes me feel even colder now that i'm back in wisconsin.
(1.3 million views in the past 72 hours)
personally, i think it's way better than their new one. but still.
nine years later...to come back and make another track together?
maybe it's never too late to bring back an old collaboration?
i don't know.

hah...lots to think about today.
happy sunday ( :

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  1. i REALLY wanted to like this song. catchy, but not in the best way. i think they should do a do-over :)