Thursday, March 3, 2011

cells planets.

hi. sorry i have been slacking on the thursday-posting front for the past couple of weeks.
but i am determined to make it up to everyone with THIS:

this past tuesday i went to a concert in the byu hfac and the group chanticleer was performing. they're apparently this huge deal but i didn't really know much about them.. until the concert began. there are no instrumentals, it's just these twelve men and they are a world-renowned a capella singing group. the first half of the concert was a bunch of italian and germanic love songs (not really my forte) but the second half was a little more indie (and in english) and completely took my breath away, this song in particular:

you don't have to watch the music video (even though i am absolutely in love with it and all the boys in it) but do yourself a favor and at least listen to the whole thing all the way once through. i dare you to listen to it just once. i dare you not to fall in love with the soloist. i dare you not to want to listen to this 24/7. lovelovelovelovelove it.

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