Sunday, November 7, 2010

every day is awesome.

brainstorming session with surrah + micae today led us to think it might be cool to start a group blog, since each of us have a day of the week that we are supposed to write stuff for anyways.

so...we're still looking for people for tuesday and saturday (and if we find more people, i think doubling up on days could be okay too), but this can be our little project together. you can still post your stuff on your own blog or you can just do it here. or just post random things here that you like.



    you gotta put your spontaneous sunday post on here first though (: your idea, you started this- and your day is sunday anyway! its only right that you have the first official awesome day post (:

    ps do we still post on our own blog that day? or should we just do it on here? i almost like it just on here. makes it more special (:

  2. you can post it on your personal blog if you want...each person can decide for themselves, but i think from now on, i'll just post them here!

  3. okieeeee same!
    CAN'T WAIT (:

  4. i'll just do it on here... i have plenty more to blog about on my other blog :)

  5. I'm loving this idea. I'm claiming Tuesday. Try Me Tuesday. Talk about something new I've tried during the week, whether it be book, movie, recipe, craft, etc. Plus I'll post the recipe, or a website where any of the items I review could be purchased.