Sunday, November 21, 2010

so hot right now.

if you want to take the quiz (and you know you do), you can go to this page to see it bigger.
i'm kim (pretend like that's a surprise).

also, if you don't watch regular tv and real commercials, this is one of my favorites.
it has three of my favorite things:
- adorable little kid with glasses
- pink bunny
- magically growing strawberries
plus...see if you can find:
- little kid playing air guitar
- panda in an airplane
- a keytar
- zebra lawn ornament


  1. hahahaha you just love kids in glasses. just love (: and i'm khloe.. AWESOME. which makes ruth kourtney.. which makes sense since she has the chubby PERFECT baby (; perfecttttt!

  2. I ended up with Khloe, Kourtney was only one point behind. I think it was the last question that pushed it over the edge. Having babies, lots of babies. Hahaha.

    P.S. I still quote your favorite PopTart commercial on a frequent basis. "Babies everywhere!!!!!"

  3. thats nutrigrain!!!!! not poptarts (: