Monday, November 22, 2010

(Just Another) Manic Monday!

Am I the only one who remembers this song?

We all know Mondays are crazy. Typically they are my least anticipated day, but they are also the preface for how the rest of the week will go, therefore, we should choose to MAKE them great! Sadly, one of my favorite past times is laughing at the crazy things some people think/say/do.
Like this.
She is a nut job...who probably had a bad monday :)
Let's not be like her.


  1. holy crazy woman! where did you find that?!
    she is a nut!!! hahaha i don't even think i understand what she was so upset over!

    ps. i do remember that song and I LOVE IT!

  2. I love love love that Maniac Monday song Em! I thought of this post all day today at work so that I wouldn't go Maniac on the people who did not order rolls for Thanksgiving, yet thought they could come in and get them with no problems.

  3. So... I am a total moron and wrote Maniac every time I meant Manic.

  4. <3 that song. and mondays, actually (: and YOU!

    and hahahahahha to rachael's comment (: