Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Try Me Tuesday

This week the weather in Utah has been bizarre. With the start on Sunday of a beautiful warm day, to Monday's rain/slushing all day, and now, to a Tuesday morning of SNOW. Well, in honor of Utah's crazy weather, this Tuesday I am trying ....

decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving!!!

I know there are hardcore traditionalists out there who will tell me that you have to have Thanksgiving before you have Christmas. No music, lights, or trees until after you eat the turkey. Heck, I was one of those up until this year. Here's a few things that changed my mind.

1. I work in retail where we were putting up our Christmas displays the day before Halloween. I get jealous that my store can be decorated, but my house can't be.

2. It's snowing and the snow is sticking already. So... it looks like Christmas.

3. My family is going to California for the week of Thanksgiving (to be with the in-laws), Las Vegas the first weekend in December (baptism for my nephew), and Michigan for the week of Christmas (to be with my parents). We would miss all but one pre-Christmas weekend which means no relaxing enjoyment of the decor.

4. It's my house and I can decorate it whenever I like.

5. I got a couple of really beautiful nativities for Christmas last year and really wanted a chance to display them.

So... for your viewing pleasure, the starts of my holiday decorating.

The little tree that lives in the basement family room.

It's fiber optic and very pretty at night.

My Snowbabies collection on top of the fish tank.

A nativity egg that Jon's parents had hand-painted in Russia. Plus the super-value nativity set from Deseret Book last year.

Last, but not least, the entertainment center with my favorite nativities and stockings to boot. Now the upstairs tree just needs a few lights and decorations.

Here's the catch with Try Me Tuesday. I tried it, now I think that you should too... Let me know how it goes.


  1. I LOVE IT!
    you should start playing christmas music too (:

  2. I think this is perfect:)
    I'm so ready to change the lights in my apartment from halloween to christmas!

  3. You just need one of those DVD shows that is of a fireplace playing on your TV and it would look like the stockings are hung on the mantle. Looks good!
    I am one of those that waits till after Thanksgiving, but I do it because I like to keep it up longer after. The thing that bothers me is how so many people start complaining about Christmas even before it has come. I remember Beacham's left a Christmas tree up till Easter one year.