Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saweeeet Saturday

This is supposed to be Jaime's day
But seeing as how she is again missing & her neglect usually is followed by my sense of responsibility, I am filling in :)

The last she talked to me, her day was going to be called 'Suck it Saturday,' where she would post her frustrations with people/things/situations/politics, then tell them to suck it.

I suggested she change it to 'Suck it up Saturday,' in which her posts showed her patience in overcoming her annoyances, as no one wants a Negative Nancy (*ahem* Jaime) in the bunch.

She then suggested it be 'Suck up Saturday,' in which she brown nosed & seeped over-the-top niceness in an effort to come off as positive. Classy :)

This was all in good fun of course, but don't be surprised if after Jaime takes over, 'Saweeeet Saturday' is short lived.

SO....*Drum roll*... Presenting 'Saweeeet Saturday'. One Day Only (probably)!!!

I came across an article in Time's Magazine; 50 Best Inventions of 2010. I was blown away with the innovation & absurdity of most of them. Crazy what we can do these days. Crazier that someone THOUGHT we could do it.

One of my favorites is the Elegs Exoskeleton. It's a robotic structure attached to a paraplegic person, allowing them to use the motion of their arms to direct the leg attachments below. Voila! Someone who never had a hope of walking before, now can. I know first hand how much it sucks not being able to walk. The hope of walking again is what keeps me going. Helping people have their dreams come true? Pretty freakin Saweeeet.

GAHHH!!! I just had my 4 other favorites typed out & pictured & they were accidentally deleted. 'Thank goodness for autosave'...Wait a second....Stupid autosave! Do you really have to save every 5 frackin seconds, therefore saving the deleted version?!?! Sigh...you all know I'm way too lazy to type it again, so you'll just have to click here to see the rest. I recommend the straddling bus, lighted power chord, meat fueled train, 3D Organ printer, spray on clothes, body powered devices... Heck I recommend them all.


  1. Em, I loved saweet Saturday. Maybe you and Jaime could both post on Saturdays. My favorite on the list might just be the Iron Man suit because they are already talking about giving that strength to the military, just like in the movies.

  2. EMILY. you never even said your name but i just assumed it was you hahaha (: and.. why don't you have a day?! take saturday and give jaime tuesday (: or vice versa! you could do tuesday treats or something.. an interesting treat or something just like this (: i want you to have a day! i loved this post (:

    holy smiley faces.

  3. monday is still open!! i don't think DK will be joining us so if em or jaime want monday instead, it's up for grabs!!

    p.s. sarcasm detector?! underwater kite?! love love love these.

  4. ahhh i saw this in my newsweek magazine and then again on CNN of this paralyzed woman using those cool legs... AMAZING!!

    I think you should get jamie to do suck it saturday. and you should take mario monday from daniel!