Friday, November 12, 2010

Frank Friday

I'm an extremely competitive person.
Too competitive.
It's gotten to the point that often, if I know I'll lose, I won't even try something...
and literally everything is a competition.

Most of the time people don't even know that I'm competing with them.

Then I just feel awkward and embarrassed when I "lose."
Which it's impossible to lose because not everything is actually a competition.
Does this even make sense?

Here's the deal.
Having more shoes than other people is a competition to me.
So is having more clothes.
So when my roommate got a package of new stuff she bought from Forever 21 today I was super grumpy.

she lets me borrow her clothes.

I just like to be better at everything.
And I've noticed that ever since I became this way, I've been much grumpier and colder to people.

How often do we get so carried away with trying to be the best that we don't remember to enjoy things?

Here's an example of someone who decided to compete rather than enjoy what he had.

He forgot to enjoy what he had because he decided to go to a team where he knew he'd get much further. not cool.
Because of this he sacrificed the support and respect of a ton people.

The moral of the story is:
Don't make everything a competition to get ahead. Compete when it's right, but spend the rest of your time enjoying what you have before it's gone.


  1. hahahahaha LOVE THIS. just don't wear my clothes before i get the chance to, deal? (: deal.


  2. Haha. I love Sarah's comment. It's the rule of firsts. I think I might be the same with the not trying things because I might not "win." Life's too short to always win though.

  3. umm...i used to have "races" with people on my way to campus -- to see if i could walk to a tree before someone coming towards me or something crazy like that -- and obviously the other person had no idea. but i'm better now.

    </3 lebron though. boo.

  4. hahaha I have races with people all the time at the gym... its human nature my dear!

    ps tell sarah she shouldn't be going on shopping sprees so close to christmas, it will ruin present-giving!

  5. While at BYU my most favorite professor/person ever made us read "No contest: The Case Against Competition," by Alfie Kohn. One of the best books I ever read. Everyone struggles with it, & it's even promoted as a good thing. My professor was bothered that BYU had a quota for how many A's he could give out for grades. Why is it impossible for more than 30% of students to do well in a class?!? It's a sad practice, ESPECIALLY when enforced by a college founded (& funded) by Mormon principles of individual worth & being the best you can be-not better than others. Seemed contradictory to me, but what can you do :/ Try to be that 30%, I guess ;)