Sunday, December 5, 2010

...and guess what?...

i don't remember if i've seen "elf" all the way through in one sitting before, so when i saw it was on TV tonight...i knew i had to check it out. i don't usually laugh out loud at movies, but i totally did when he sang that song that he made up when he met his dad for the first time.

in the movie, zooey deschanel sings "baby it's cold outside," but the version on the soundtrack has this creepy super-low voiced guy singing it with her. so instead, i substitute it for this one that's on the radio the most lately. are there boys in lady antebellum? apparently there might be. weird.

...and now that i started thinking of zooey deschanel, it reminded me of "(500) days of summer" (during which she looked MUCH better as a brunette, i think) and then i randomly stumbled on this clip that (somehow) i had never seen before. i watched it and truly thought...what the heck? so i think that qualifies it for spontaneous sunday. enjoy.
(p.s. i LOVE joseph gordon-levitt)


    i love that music vid. i saw it like two weeks ago and i am even more in love now.
    i eternally love jgl. and micae + i met his identical twin last night at our testing center work party.. and they're equally beautiful.
    but just love everything about this post! we should watch elf over christmas break (: if we ever get time.

    love thisss. + you.

  2. First of all, I love Zooey. I read this article a little while ago with the advice on how to tell Katy Perry & Zooey apart being, 'If it looks like something a grandma would wear it is most likely Zooey. If there are 2 humongous boobs barely hanging onto a small sliver of clothes acting as a bra it is most likely Katy.' So true.

    Second, the song they are dancing to is written by Zooey!! It's her band 'She & Him" that I love. Plus I love her. (Did I mention that already?) (Also her sister is the lead actress on 'Bones.' Her name is Emily. Like me!!)

    Third, I thought I was the only one totally & completely obsessed with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Freaking <3 him too.

    Plus I <3 you. Love all around :)

  3. I love this post Anna. I had the most ginormous crush on him when he was on Third Rock from the Sun. He's was my motivation for watching such a weird show because of course I fell in love with him first when he was in a baseball movie. Angels in the Outfield.

    Did you end up watching all of Elf? That's one of Jon's favorites, especially for quoting.

  4. i totally did. what a fun movieee.

    ...if only JGL was in it too...