Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Netflix for Wii

Last year for Christmas Jon and I received a Wii from my parents. It was really exciting, but somewhat unexpected since I have never really played video games. We started playing the Wii Sports Resort games first. We quickly realized that I am really bad at most games. Where most people can sit and do the archery game, I have to stand up and stand in the full-on archery stance in order to play. Once, when playing the tennis game, I ended up standing in our kitchen swinging my "racket" because I could not figure out how to hit the ball more gently. You can imagine my frustration when I was constantly losing the games.

Recently though, Jon and I found an amazing new use for our Wii. This solution keeps both of us entertained without me having to be frustrated. We have discovered Netflix for Wii that streams directly to the TV. We LOVE it! We had been Netflix members for the last year and watched shows online while also receiving them in the mail. But direct streaming to our TV, I love it! In the last month we have watched Bones season 1-5. We've both watched episodes on TV, but it has been so awesome to watch them in the proper order online. I so wish that Booth and Bones would just get together already.

After finishing season 5 on Sunday evening, I needed season 6. I am not kidding. I needed the newer episodes. So... I looked online and hulu now has a deluxe membership. $7.99 a month to watch all of the latest season episodes in HD on a computer or any internet connected device. Yay for Season 6.

So... weekly challenge... see if you can find one of your favorite shows online... or just check out Bones. Cause really, its got to be in my top 5 favorite TV shows ever.

P.S. Booth is a total hottie and if you haven't watched the show before, be prepared to fall in love with him.


  1. love the 'cocky' belt (; DEFINITELY a babe. maybe i will add bones to my long list of tv shows..

  2. Netflix is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.