Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Following an Online Tutorial

Over the past year or so, I have really come to rely on the Internet as a source for learning how to do things.  When the basement toilet needed a new fill valve, rather than calling a plumber, I turned to the Internet and found a tutorial on how to install my new fill valve.  It was definitely not entertaining, but oh so useful.  A lot of times following web tutorials makes me feel like the man of the house because they usually have to do with power tools, building materials, or electrical work.  This week though, I found a tutorial that was not a video and made me feel a lot more like the lady of the house.

You all know me pretty well and know that I am sort of baby obsessed.  I am pretty sure that I was that way before I worked at Babies'R'Us and that job just got me interested in all of the gear that goes with a small person.  Well, this week I wanted to make a gift for my sister-in-law for her birthday, and since she just had a baby, I thought something baby related would be great.  I knew we would give her a gift card, but I knew I like opening actual presents that have been thought out a bit, so she might like that too.  Enter the Internet with its many crafty blogs.  After looking around at a few ideas, I found this blog.  Step by step instructions to make a car seat canopy.  It was perfect!  (I know some of you are thinking that's a lame birthday present, but I wanted to make it so that she could use it when they go to Disneyland.  That way the baby can nap while they enjoy the park.  They live like 5 minutes away and she loves it there, she really it was a gift for her to be able to enjoy Disneyland.)

So... I went to Joann's and found the perfect fabric.  Mickey Mouse!


I got to sewing and made a pretty nice canopy cover.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture before giving it to my SIL for her birthday yesterday.  So... instead of that one, here are some pictures of the pieces to my latest and greatest canopy for Baby D. Followed by the finished project.


(with the buttons, I think it kind of looks like a stingray)
I know it's not a perfect match to go with his car seat, but its still pretty cute and non-girly.  Plus, its snugly flannel.

I hope to follow this tutorial some day too and make a cover as cool as this one.

So... will you take the challenge this week?  Try a new online tutorial.  Maybe this one, or this one, or even this one.

Let me know how it goes.


  1. yaaaaay! I cant wait to see it done!! you are one crafty little diva, rach!! love the tutorials!

  2. how did you get so crafty? whenever i try to make stuff, it always fails miserably.

    ...unless it's food.

  3. Jon goes to school two nights a week until 10 pm. So... boredom made me crafty. I definitely am lacking in the baking skills, so maybe I should try that next week.

  4. do it! i have a bunch of good recipes if you want ideas ( :