Monday, December 13, 2010

We're going to Disney Baby.

Growing up in Florida my family was extremely lucky to be so close to places people save up money for years to go to. Florida in general is awesome & beautiful, but theme parks help :) My parents took us everywhere; Cypress Gardens, Busch Gardens, Islands of Adventure, Adventure Island, Universal Studios & of course, Disney World (which is comprised of 4 parks itself; Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM, & Epcot). I have soooo many memories of this place, have been probably over 100x to Disney alone, & it never got old! It was my childhood. I highly recommend it :) So, it's no surprise to see videos of kids reacting all crazy like this...

Makes you feel all good & cheery, yeah?

Then a friend showed me this video last week, & I have literally watched it about 50X since. Favorite 'We're going to Disney' response ever.

To be fair, Dick's house could be really awesome.


  1. this is seriously the funniest thing of my life. omg.

  2. ahahahahah. that is the most depressing thing of my life.

  3. Sad day. The little kid on the left (I think it's a girl) just starts crying because her brother is crying. I hope they at least smiled when they got there.